3 Influences When Installing Wood Heaters At Home

Wood heaters play a critical role in ensuring that your home is warm, especially during the cold season. However, it is necessary to position them properly so that there is equal heat distribution in the rooms the heaters are installed. As long as you choose the right spot, everyone within the room will be able to enjoy the warmth of the wood heater. Below are critical influences when installing wood heaters.

The Size of the Room

The size of the room has a big influence on the installation of wood heaters. This is because the heater should be placed in a strategic location that distributes heat for all of the room occupants. In large rooms such as the living room, the best type of wood heater to install is a radiant wood heater. These heaters distribute the heat to all directions, which make them ideal for large rooms. You can, therefore, install this in the middle of the room to ensure it is effective. In smaller rooms, radiant heaters can be an inconvenience. In this case, wood heaters that are installed on the wall on one side of the room are the best alternative. These are perfect for the bedrooms.

Design Preferences

Your design preferences also determine the wood heaters you will install in your home. While some people will mainly focus on the functionality of the wood heater, you might be focused on the aesthetic appeal that the heater will add to your room. As such, you can decide to choose an elaborately designed wood heater that will be strategically placed in the room. The colour of such a wood heater can be custom made to match your floor, the shades of your walls, or your furniture. You can also install a floating wood heater which significantly boosts the interior décor of the room which is more artistic.


Installing a wood heater that uses wood pellets is more convenient than using one that uses firewood. This is because firewood is bulky and you might need to cut them down to ensure they fit into your heater. However, wood pellets are easier to use and offer a smokeless heating experience. It is also easier to purchase and carry sacks of wood pellets compared to firewood.

These guidelines are critical when you are selecting the right wood heater to install in your home. Always consult with professional installers to ensure that the installation of the wood heater does not affect the structural integrity of the house.