Four Signs You Need To Update Your Mirror Doors

Mirrors are an important part of the interior design of any room. They provide an excellent opportunity to reflect light and brighten up a space. Mirrors can also enhance the look of furniture, floors, ceilings, and walls. However, if you have older mirror doors, they can look dated and drab. They can also reflect stains and other damage that can detract from their overall appearance.

Here are four signs that you need to update your mirror doors.

1. The Glass Is Fogging Up

If there are spots on your mirror door that have turned foggy or cloudy, then there is a good chance that condensation is building up behind the glass. This means that moisture is getting into the door and causing damage to the backing board and frame of the door itself. 

2. Your Mirror Doors Are Warping 

If your mirror doors are warping or bowing, then it is likely that there is moisture behind the glass. The moisture causes the wood to expand and contract at different rates, which causes it to warp over time. When this happens, you will notice that one side of a door may look slightly different than another side due to its uneven expansion pattern. You may also notice that the doors are no longer level with one another. 

3. The Mirrors Do Not Shut Properly

If your mirrors do not shut properly, then it is likely that the hinges have come loose or fallen off of the door. This can happen due to repeated opening and closing of your doors, which causes the screws holding them together to loosen over time. Your mirrors might need replacing or they may just need to be tightened. 

4. The Mirrors Are Cracked Or Chipped

Mirror doors can add a touch of style to any room. They're also a great way to hide clutter and create a more open feel in your home. However, mirror doors tend to get damaged easily because they're made of glass. Mirrors are also prone to scratches and dents from normal wear and tear or unexpected accidents. If you notice small cracks or chips on the surface of your mirror door, this is an indication that it's time for replacement. A small crack will only get bigger over time, so it's best to replace the mirror before it starts to look ugly or breaks completely. 

If you would like to update your mirrors or mirrored doors, chat with a supplier to see what options are available.