What to Look For in Residential Security Doors

A solid security door at your home's front and back entryways can greatly increase the security of your home, keeping out unwanted intruders who might otherwise just kick in a door to gain entry. A security door is also better at insulating the interior space, so you can spend less on your heating and cooling throughout the years. When you are ready to upgrade to a security door for your home, note a few details to look for, so you know you'll be happy with that door for many years to come.


If you have a double-door entryway, or an entryway that is oddly sized in any way, you need to ensure that the security door you choose is specifically designed for that space, rather than thinking you can customize the door once you've purchased it. This is because security doors are made of very thick metal or wood that cannot be easily cut, so it's difficult, if not impossible, to make a new opening for bolt, or to trim the door down to size.

In many cases, it may be better to actually customize your home's entryway, if needed, by cutting it into a standard size that is meant for a security door, or adding a glass insert or other such feature to make the entryway a better fit for the door. Whatever the case, never assume you can cut or fabricate your new security door.


Some security doors are made of bare metal or unfinished wood so that you can paint them your desired colour. This can be good, if you want to ensure your entryway door is a particular shade that coordinates with your home. However, be sure you understand that a door may need to be painted; if you'd rather than do this yourself, opt for a door that is already painted or powder coated a colour of your choosing.

Hardware and other features

Some security doors are without hardware, meaning that they are simply drilled for a doorknob and deadbolt, which you need to provide. This can be good, if you want to choose a high-quality deadbolt or specialty knob that isn't featured on such doors; however, as with painting, if you'd rather not do this yourself, be sure to choose a door with hardware included. This also applies to other features such as glass inserts or pet doors. Since security doors are difficult to cut and fabricate, as said, choose one with these features included, rather than assuming you can add them once the door is installed.