5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Security Door

The security of your home is a critical aspect of the utility your property offers you. Security doors play an indispensable part in guaranteeing that security, and as a result, they are an important investment. Knowing what to look for beforehand when purchasing security doors ensures you can determine your level of property security. Here are several things to consider during your purchase.

Consider the Right Material for You

When shopping for security doors, do not lean on aesthetic preferences alone to determine your choice. Take the material used to make the door into consideration. Steel and aluminium make the best doors. The former is renowned for being strong and durable while the latter won't succumb to corrosion.

Consider the Seal

When shopping for security doors, opt for those that come with sealing to protect against critters that may try to infest your home. Scorpions, for example, can pose a danger to occupants of the house while flies can also be bothersome. A typical practice is to use a peel-and-stick tape during installation to seal the door. Upon application, the tape dries and hardens creating a strong seal. It is good practice to replace it annually to keep it in place.

Certain seals can also help you minimise air entering or leaving your home. This is important if energy-efficiency is important to you.

Choose the Right Finish

The finish on security doors is critical as it forms the primary defence mechanism against adverse weather conditions. Paint is affected by direct sunlight and fades with time. A powder-coated security door will last longer as no solvent is necessary when putting it together, rendering it more durable. Ensure that the fixtures and screws or hinges are also coated to provide uniform protection.

Check for a Warranty

Security doors are a significant property investment, and a warranty is essential. Find out what the warranty covers when it comes to:

  • Break-ins
  • Misalignment
  • Longevity
  • Replacement of broken fixtures

Consider Installation

Tube-frame and flush-mount installation both offer security but differ in other aspects. For example, tube-frame installation causes the door to stick out slightly. Flush-mount installation, on the other hand, provides better sealing by eliminating the gap at the opening.

Security doors play an integral part in protecting a home and its occupants. Selecting the right material, considering available warranties and looking at the most suitable finish will help you to buy the best door for your needs.