3 Benefits of Installing Aluminium Patio Doors

If you have recently moved into a new property that features access to a patio, you may be considering investing in a new set of doors. The quality and build of your patio doors can have a big impact on the frequency with which you choose to make use of the outdoor space, so it is essential that you make the right choice. While traditionally patio doors have been made of wood, increasing numbers of homeowners are opting for aluminium bi-fold doors. Below is a guide to the benefits offered by this type of door.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Are Robust, But Lightweight

Aluminium is a very strong material, which means you can incorporate large panes of glass into the door without having to worry about placing too much strain on the surrounding material. However, as well as being super robust, aluminium is also very lightweight. This makes it the ideal choice for your patio doors. If you opt for timber patio doors, you may find that an older family member or little kids struggle to open the door due to the weight of the material.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Are Low Maintenance

When compared to traditional timber, aluminium bi-fold doors require much less maintenance. Wooden patio doors need to be painted with protective coatings to prevent the weather from causing damage. Even with this protective coating, a wooden patio door may be affected by moisture, which can cause it to rot or to swell up in size. Aluminium will not be damaged by moisture, so all you need to do is to wipe them down every so often to remove any grit or dirt.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Are Affordable

Perhaps the best thing about aluminium bi-fold doors is that they are incredibly affordable when compared to the cost of wooden doors. Not only do timber bi-fold doors cost more upfront, but they are also likely to have increased maintenance costs, as you will need to buy and apply the protective coating to stop weather damage. The increased risk of corrosion or rot in wooden patio doors means it is also more likely you will eventually need to pay to have the timber repaired or replaced.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits that aluminium doors can bring to your home, you should make contact with a local door manufacturer or supplier today. A member of staff will be happy to assist you.