Should You Fit Security Doors on Your Home?

Everyone wants to live in a crime-free environment, but sadly, that is rarely possible. Even the best, most family-friendly neighbourhoods will have their share of burglary and crime, and as a homeowner, it is important that you take all of the steps you can to protect your family.

Fixing your home security

When you think about home security, you probably think mainly about fitting strong locks on your doors and windows and installing an alarm system to notify you in the event of a break-in. These are all good things to do, but are they all that can be done? A strong lock on your front door may act as a deterrent to a casual thief looking for easy pickings, but if someone has a little more time available, it won't stop them from gaining entrance. A lock is only as strong as the door to which it is attached, and most wooden or UPVC doors can be broken without too much effort if your home is otherwise unprotected. A more effective solution is to investigate fitting strong security doors to your home. Security doors can provide an enhanced level of protection that will stop all but the most determined of thieves.

What do security doors look like?

The most obvious feature of security doors is the strong nature of the door itself. Once fitted into place, there is almost no way for an intruder to effect entry into your premises. However, security doors are also fitted with a strong security frame so that there is little possibility of the door being knocked out of the frame or of the frames being removed along with the security doors. To connect the doors to the frames, special secure hinges are normally used so that the whole apparatus will work together to fully protect your home.

Why else should you fit security doors?

If you have been wondering whether security doors are the right choice for your home, then it may help to consider that because of the reduced risk of forced entry, a lot of insurance companies will gladly reduce your premiums if you fit and use security doors on your premises. In addition to improved security, fitting security doors can add value to your property, so any money you spend fitting the doors could be recouped when you decide that it is time to move elsewhere and sell your property.