5 Simple Strategies to Quickly Diagnose and Loosen a Stuck Garage Door

For many homeowners, garages are highly convenient spaces. However, garage roller doors can get stuck sometimes. Before calling in a garage door repair expert, you can try out some DIY techniques to fix the problem. Follow this five-step approach to figure out the problem and resolve it quickly.

Confirm if the Garage Door is Locked

When your garage door gets stuck, consider checking whether it's locked. It may have been locked accidentally or on purpose by either you or a member of your household. Some garage doors feature the "full lock" option that allows quick-locking using an external handle. Therefore, consider unlocking your garage door and see whether that resolves the issue. 

Assess for Presence of Ice

If your home is located in a region that suffers extreme low temperatures during winter, some ice can end up freezing and sticking to your garage door. When this happens, pour hot water along the bottom of your garage door to melt off the ice. 

Have Your Remote Batteries Replaced

Sometimes, your garage door systems may be functioning correctly. However, dead batteries in your remote door opener may be the primary cause of the problem. These batteries come in various types and can be easily found in local hardware or online stores.

Inspect Door Tracks for Any Blockages

A simple obstruction across the garage tracks can cause jamming of your garage door. You can find out about any debris blocking the channels by using a step stool to inspect the door. Furthermore, ensure nothing is obstructing the track section on the sides of the garage. That includes things such as rakes, brooms, or spanners, etc. Get rid of such obstacles and try reopening your garage door. 

Find out Whether the Garage Door Has Run Off its Tracks

There are many instances where garage doors come off their tracks. If this happens, your entryway will eventually get stuck. You can diagnose this problem by inspection whether the roller has slipped off one side of the tracks. If it has, but the garage door panels are still intact, you can continue using the existing garage door as usual. However, you must hire a garage door expert to reset the door back to its tracks. 

A stuck garage door will require loosening, and this is sometimes a complicated process. However, the task can be as simple as replacing your remote's batteries. These five tips can help you deal with stuck garage doors before calling in a professional to repair it. 

To learn more about roller door repairs, reach out to a local garage door company.