A New Year Means A New Fire Safety Statement. Why You Should Get Yours Done ASAP

With so many monumental changes happening last year, it is easy to forget some of the more mundane annual tasks that you have to complete as a business. Your annual fire safety statement might well fall into that category but the truth is that this is an essential service you need to get done as soon as possible. Not only could it save your business, but it could end up saving you or your employee's lives. Here is what you need to know about getting your annual fire safety statement and why it matters so much that it has to be done every year.

An Impartial Inspector

Many companies and fire safety-oriented businesses offer an annual fire safety statement as part of a package where they check everything is in working order around your office or workspace. Remember, you cannot do this annual fire safety statement on your own, you need to go to a licensed practitioner who has the qualifications for your particular building and required documents. Once you have found an appropriate company and a time that you both are available, you should probably set aside some of your budget to replace broken or outdated safety equipment.

Checking Everything

As part of your annual fire safety statement the inspector does not just look at your fire equipment such as an extinguisher or hose, but the entire building. They will look for any fire hazards, how close all the fire safety equipment is, what risk management you have in place and whether you have the appropriate amount of fire doors and evacuation plans. If this is your first year as a business it can be quite intimidating but for those who have been around long enough, it is just standard practice. Most of the time everything is in warranty and in working order and as long as your worksite is relatively tidy you should be fine.

Replacing Equipment

If a fire extinguisher or something like that is out of its use by date then you will need to replace it before they can sign off on your annual fire safety statement. That is why it is a good idea to check your entire workplace before they arrive and make the relevant replacements if you haven't already. Remember, without this statement, you could be in for a big fine if you miss the submission date (which is different for different states). Don't get caught out and put your employee's at risk, get prepared and keep your business fire-prepared. 

For more information, contact an annual fire safety statement service.