Features to Consider When Having a New Garage Door Motor Installed

Bearing in mind the amount of space your garage door takes up, it must be as visually pleasing as possible so it can elevate the kerb appeal of your residence rather than detract from it. In addition to kerb appeal, your garage door needs to be easy to use too. For that reason, these structures are outfitted with a motor. The motor is not only tasked with lifting and lowering the garage door but it is also critical for ensuring your safety too, as this device will also prevent the door from closing spontaneously.

In recent years, garage door motors have evolved to include a vast array of aspects that not only enhance their functionality but the overall safety of your property too. If you would like to make the most of this device, check out the following features to consider when having a new garage door motor installed.

Remote operation

Although this type of technology has been around for a while now, it is worth noting that it is not a staple in every household. However, remote operation dramatically transforms your garage door operation experience. As implied by the name, this feature works with electric powered motors. Your electric motor is paired to a handheld remote and you will be capable of controlling all movements of the garage door by simply ebbing in proximity to its infrared sensor.

Remote operation is highly beneficial for homeowners that tend to leave early and come home late. That's because you can cut down time wasted by having to get out of the car to open the garage door, drive inside and get out of the car to close it.

Wi-Fi capabilities

In the current times, it is hard to come across someone who does not use Wi-Fi throughout their day. From the time you wake up in the morning to the point you lay your head to sleep at night, you will have interacted with Wi-Fi enabled devices in the form of smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs and many more. Thus, it only makes sense that your garage motor is also connected to a Wi-Fi network so that you can communicate with the garage doors remotely.

Wi-Fi enabled motors are available through specific brands and are designed with a custom app that you will download onto your smart devices. Once this is set up, you can have access to your garage door whether you are at the office, on holiday and more, which is a great security feature too.

Additional features to consider for your newly installed garage door motor include a backup battery in case of a power blackout, LED light sensors that turn on when the motor requires professional attention and so on. For more information, contact a garage door motor service.