3 Places You Can Install Security Doors in Your Building

Installing a security door is a great way to keep your office safe from intruders. But where should you install one? Here are some places where you can fix a security door for the best protection.  The Main Entrance The main entrance of your office is the most vulnerable part of the building when it comes to security. That's because it is the easiest point of entry for intruders. A security door at the main entrance will reinforce the security of the building and deter potential intruders.

Why Do You Need Both Final Fire and Annual Fire Safety Certificates?

If you're building a new commercial property or renovating an old one, then you have to ensure that you have incorporated the right fire safety measures in the structure. You have legal obligations to undertake certain checks and to provide formal reports here. For example, you might need to create both a final fire safety certificate and subsequent annual fire safety statements. What's the difference between the two and why are they important?