Michelle Fields

Ensuring Your Pet Door Is Not a Security Risk for Your Home

Having a pet door may be critical to ensure that your furry friend's movements are not restricted when they need to go to the bathroom, but it does come with the drawback of providing an additional access point for intruders. Perceptive burglars have now taken to targeting pet doors as their primary point of entry since they are less secure than windows and main entrances. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your pet would not have to go without having a door or that you should leave your residence open to this risk.

What to Look For in Residential Security Doors

A solid security door at your home's front and back entryways can greatly increase the security of your home, keeping out unwanted intruders who might otherwise just kick in a door to gain entry. A security door is also better at insulating the interior space, so you can spend less on your heating and cooling throughout the years. When you are ready to upgrade to a security door for your home, note a few details to look for, so you know you'll be happy with that door for many years to come.

How to Improve Home Security Without Adding an Alarm

A home alarm can improve security in your home quickly and easily, immediately alerting you and even emergency personnel to a potential intruder in the home, as well as to problems such as basement flooding, carbon monoxide, and the like. However, home alarms can be expensive and complicated, and may also be "overkill," or unnecessary if you feel relatively safe in your neighbourhood. To improve home security without a complicated alarm system, note a few simple and affordable alternatives.

3 Influences When Installing Wood Heaters At Home

Wood heaters play a critical role in ensuring that your home is warm, especially during the cold season. However, it is necessary to position them properly so that there is equal heat distribution in the rooms the heaters are installed. As long as you choose the right spot, everyone within the room will be able to enjoy the warmth of the wood heater. Below are critical influences when installing wood heaters.